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Podcast: Walking the talk of climate ambition – why that walk needs nature too

IIED’s ‘Make Change Happen’ podcast provides an opportunity to hear their researchers and guests discuss key global development challenges and explain what they are doing to support positive change.

In this episode, we hear experts discuss the connections between the climate emergency, loss of biodiversity and rising inequalities, and why it is important to include nature in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to address these crises globally.

Countries that signed the Paris Agreement on climate change are required to outline and communicate their climate actions in NDCs. These are non-binding national plans that form the basis for countries to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. However, as Nathalie Seddon argues in this episode, we cannot meet our climate goals unless we work with nature. “We need to massively scale up the restoration, connection and protection of our natural and semi-natural ecosystems, not only land but also in the sea,” she explains. And the poorest nations are leading the way in working with nature to tackle climate change.

Hosted by Liz Carlile, this podcast features Nathalie Seddon, IIED associate, professor of biodiversity and director of the Nature Based Solutions initiative at the University of Oxford; Bob Natifu, acting commissioner on climate change in the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda; Maria Caballero Espejo, climate adaptation specialist from the Ministry of Environment of Peru; Sarshen Scorgie, director of climate strategy at Conservation South Africa; and Harriet Drani, programme officer at IUCN in Uganda.

In this podcast the guests share why and how developing countries are incorporating nature-based solutions (NbS) in their NDCs to increase and deliver their climate ambitions.

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