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LANDac Activities

LANDac Activites

LANDac plays an active role in the generation and management of knowledge, in building capacity and fostering multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Knowledge generation
In collaboration with various stakeholders, LANDac carries out short-term, applied research and fact-finding missions, while strengthening its collaboration with partners. Read more and view (research) projects.

Knowledge management
In collaboration with its partners, LANDac ensures the dissemination of research results, provides a place for dialogue and exchange, and informs Dutch stakeholders on the outcomes of (inter)national events around emerging topics, through the LANDac Annual International Conference and the organisation of public events.

Capacity Building
In order to meet the demand for an improved understanding of land governance from a diverse range of stakeholders, LANDac provides opportunities for capacity development in the Nether-lands and further afield, through the Annual Summer School ‘Land Governance for Development’ and the in 2019 launched Professional Learning Network on Land Governance and Field Mediation.

Multi-stakeholder dialogues
LANDac promotes the importance of taking into account different perspectives and priorities between stakeholders and strives for common understanding and consensus by bringing actors together to create trust and contribute to building more inclusive solutions. Read more.

Image top of page: Melissa de Raaij (2019). LANDac Annual International Conference 2019.