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20/01/2016 Website: Open Development Mekong

Open Development Cambodia, has launched its new Generation 2 website today, 20 January. On the new website you will find about 100 pages of  briefings covering 17 development sectors, an expanded law compendium, a comprehensive listing of Economic Land Concessions, new maps, and an improved map explorer, as well as the daily news summaries.  You can visit the website here: Open Development Mekong.

This makes Open Development Cambodia the first country website to interface with the new regional Open Development Mekong (, as part of a platform expansion that will eventually include websites for all five Lower Mekong countries. The regional platform provides a single centralized database for all five countries, offering up a facility through which data can be collaboratively aggregated to create views at both country and transborder levels. The regional platform is the result of East West Management Institute’s Open Development Initiative. The new platform’s architecture significantly expands development-related data available to the public, as well as offering improved functionality.

This year Open Development Mekong and partners are also interested in expanding their partnerships with other groups to increase the website’s offerings. If you have data you would like to share or if you are interested in working with EWMI-ODI, ODC or other OD country partners on developing particular datasets and other information at country or regional level, please contact the partners.

We look forward to seeing Open Development Vietnam and Open Development Myanmar online soon. Stay tuned!