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WRI Blog | 4 Ways Indigenous and Community Lands Can Reduce Emissions

Peter Veit wrote a blog for the World Resource Institute (WRI) on how countries are now missing out on a key strategy to fight climate change. There is growing evidcence that there are emissions-reduction benefits of well-managed indigenous and community lands. However, still only a few countries set targets to protect these lands in their initial national climate plans in 2015 (known as ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ or NDCs).

Peter Veit describes 4 ways in which indigenous and community lands can reduce emissions. Concluding that indigenous and community lands are crucial for avoiding catastrophic climate change. In addition to carbon sequestration, these lands provide the benefits of global ecosystem services that merit increased protection and financial support, especially if forested countries are to achieve their commitments under the Paris Agreement.

On the website of World Resource Institute you can read the full blog.