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Report – LAND at Lunch: Investments and conflict in Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique

April 2021
By Charlotte Stam, LANDac research intern

Since a few weeks the Cabo Delgado region in northern Mozambique has been in the news as insurgents have attacked Palma. Already thousands of people have fled the region and a humanitarian crisis is emerging. The news headlines especially focus on Islamic extremism, though increasingly bring to the fore other causes that may underly this conflict, such as investments in natural resources. On the 15th of April 2021, LANDac organized an online LAND at Lunch meeting to discuss this topic. About 15 people joined us and listened to the reflection of the situation in northern Mozambique by Emilinah Namaganda, a PhD candidate at Utrecht University and Alda Salomão, General Director at TINDZILA Land Governance Resources Centre and Senior Legal Advisor for Centro Terra Viva. An open discussion followed, which raised the question ‘What can we do from our position?’. This report summarizes the LAND at Lunch meeting, discussing the different viewpoints on how to explain the situation in Cabo Delgado region.

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