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VNGi | Participatory cartography in Benin: A VNG International project

LANDac partner VNG International have recently experimented with a revolutionary new tool for securing community land rights in Benin.

As in many parts of Africa, land rights in Benin are largely undocumented, resulting in land related conflicts accounting for 60% of court cases. In order to fast-track the modernisation of the country’s legal and institutional framework initiated under the in 2013 introduced Land Code (Code Foncier et Domanial), citizens in two municipalities were asked to draw out the borders of their own villages. The result of this experiment: an inclusive and inexpensive tool for the demarcation of villages, municipalities or departments, called Participatory Cartography.

You can find out more about the experiments here, and you can also access this brochure: participatory-cartography-in-benin.