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Journal of Peasant Studies | Impact Factor

Web of Science released its 2020 Journal Citation Reports in late June. The Journal of Peasant Studies has an Impact Factor of 4.959, ranking 1/41 in Development Studies and 1/90 in Anthropology. In order to thank the authors, reviewers and readers they are offering free access to the articles below to mark such an accomplishment. 

(1) Rural public health systems and accountability politics; insights from grassroots health rights defenders in Guatemala, Fischer-Mackey, J., Batzin, B., Culum, P., & Fox, J.

(2) Interview with João Pedro Stédile, national leader of the MST-Brazil, Sergio Sauer.

(3) Does China’s ‘going out’ strategy prefigure a new food regime?, Philip McMichael.

(4) Does the Arab region have an agrarian question?, Max Ajl. 

(5) Growing farmer-herder conflicts in Tanzania: the licenced exclusions of pastoral communities interests over access to resources, William John Walwa.

(6) Rural revitalization, scholars, and the dynamics of the collective future in China, Hairong Yan, Ku Hok Bun & Xu Siyuan. 

(7) The Long New Deal, Raj Patel & Jim Goodman. 

(8) Mosaics of property: control of village land in West Africa, Matthew D. Turner & Oumarou Mounouni. 

(9) The United Nations Declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas, Priscilla Claeys & Marc Edelman. 

(10) Automated agrifood futures: robotics, labor and the distributive politics of digital agriculture, Michael Carolan. 

(11) Who will tend the farm? Interrogating the ageing Asian farmer, Jonathan Rigg, Monchai Phongsiri, Buapun Promphakping, Albert Salamanca & Mattara Sripun. 

(12) Repairing rifts or reproducing inequalities? Agroecology, food sovereignty, and gender justice in Malawi, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Catherine Hickey, Esther Lupafya & Laifolo Dakishoni. 

(13) Chinese state capitalism and neomercantilism in the contemporary food regime: contradictions, continuity and change, Paul Belesky & Geoffrey Lawrence. 

(14) Power and powerlessness in an Appalachian Valley – revisited, John Gaventa.

(15) The digital revolution, data curation, and the new dynamics of food sovereignty construction, Alistair Fraser. 

(16) Capital, labor, and gender: the consequences of large-scale land transactions on household labor allocation, Reem Hajjar, Alemayehu N. Ayana, Rebecca Rutt, Omer Hinde, Chuan Liao, Stephanie Keene, Solange Bandiaky-Badji & Arun Agrawal. 

(17) ‘Civilizing’ the pastoral frontier: land grabbing, dispossession and coercive agrarian development in Ethiopia, Asebe Regassa, Yetebarek Hizekiel & Benedikt Korf. 

(18) The incursions of extractivism: moving from dispersed places to global capitalism, Ye, J., van der Ploeg, J. D., Schneider, S., & Shanin, T. 

(19) Meeting peasants where they are: cultivating agroecological alternatives in neoliberal Guatemala, Nicholas Copeland. 

(20) Why do pastoralists in Mali join jihadist groups? A political ecological explanation, Tor A. Benjaminsen & Boubacar Ba.