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Utrecht University | Looking into the Crystal Ball: Anticipating and Influencing Change in Asian Deltas – Prince Claus Chair Inaugural Lecture by Veena Srinivasan

Looking into the Crystal Ball: Anticipating and Influencing Change in Asian Deltas Prof Veena Srinivasan has been appointed as the holder of the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity 2018-2020 at Utrecht University. On 7 May she… Read More

ILC | Save the date: ILC launches LANDex @ World Bank Conference

Introducing LANDex LANDex, an evolution of ILC’s Dashboard, uses common indicators and methodologies to promote people-centred land governance monitoring. In preparation for its LAUNCH, we gave the Dashboard an overhaul – new name and look! Join us at… Read More

Land Portal | Webinar: Realizing women’s land rights in Africa

In October 2016, women farmers from 22 countries across Africa climbed the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to claim women’s rights for access to and control over land and natural resources. This event coincided with the launch of a… Read More

ASCL & LARC | Documentary screening on a mining conflict in KwaZulu-Natal: This land

The Land & Accountability Research Centre (LARC) at the University of Cape Town commissioned the vivid documentary film This Land as a way for rural people to bring the untold story of their struggle for rights and accountability on communal land… Read More

LANDac | World Bank reflection meeting in Utrecht – 12 April 3-5pm

  WORLD BANK LAND AND POVERTY CONFERENCE REFLECTION MEETING THURSDAY APRIL 12, 3-5 PM @ UTRECHT   LANDac is organizing a debrief meeting following the World Bank Land and Poverty 2018 conference. At this meeting you are invited… Read More

LANDac & NWO | Conference: “Climate Change Interventions as a Source of Conflict, Competing Claims and New Mobilities”

*UPDATE* The deadline for the submission of an abstract for this conferenc has been extended to 2nd October 2016.   LANDac in collaboration with NWO’s Conflict and Cooperation in the Management of Climate Change (CCMCC) programme and IDS-Utrecht University, is… Read More

Utrecht University | Inaugural lecture Bernhard Truffer: The Geography of Sustainability Transitions

The inaugural lecture of Prof. Bernhard Truffer (Utrecht University) is available online: The geography of sustainability transitions.

18 March 2016: LANDac Masterclass at the World Bank Conference Land & Poverty

World Bank Conference on Land & Poverty 2016 Scaling up responsible land governance Masterclass: Multi-stakeholder dialogue in land governance: lessons learned and ways forward Room MC C2-131   On Friday 18 March, LANDac and its partners are organizing a… Read More

Online (Dutch): UU Studium Generale lezing ‘Land te koop’

Annelies Zoomers (IDS Utrecht University/ Chair of LANDac) and Barbara van Paassen (Hoofd beleid en campagne ActionAid) gaven op 24 februari een lezing in het kader van de UU Studium Generale reeks over voedselzekerheid. De lezing is online… Read More

25/01/2016 Now taking place: online debate on GLTN Gender Evaluation Criteria on the Land Portal

Sharing Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Supporting Women’s Land Rights: A debate on the Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC) From 25 January to 5 February, the Land Portal Foundation will be holding a debate on the Global Land… Read More