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9/2/2016 New publication: Advances in Responsible Land Administration

Advances in Responsible Land Administration

Jaap Zevenbergen, Walter de Vries, Rohan Mark Bennett


  • Delivers cutting-edge approaches for land administration design, implementation, and assessment
  • Includes high-tech descriptions for technical readers whilst adding the human touch for those from softer disciplines
  • Connects the core aspects of land tenure information management around the themes of ‘drivers’, ‘design’, and ‘evaluation’


Advances in Responsible Land Administration challenges conventional forms of land administration by introducing alternative approaches and provides the basis for a new land administration theory. A compilation of observations about responsible land administration in East Africa, it focuses on a new empirical foundation rather than preexisting ideals. Presenting practical knowledge resulting from real cases, it incorporates empirical studies highlighting Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

The book considers contemporary change forces that include responsible technological innovation, post-conflict contexts, rural poverty, rapid urbanization, food security, and citizen participation. It covers land information system design, innovative data capture tools and techniques, and algorithms and approaches to support land consolidation and pastoralist land administration. The book also evaluates the outcomes of approaches specifically geared toward workflow design, land use changes, land tenure perceptions, conflict reduction, and governance measures.

Outlining key aspects of what fit for purpose land administration looks like, this book presents:

  • A contemporary update for the land administration sector
  • An overview of East African developments, a current focus region for innovative land administration design
  • A collection of cutting-edge tools from practice and for practice—with enough support data and methodological underpinnings to be readily utilized for advocacy, design, and assessment

Advances in Responsible Land Administration is an up-to-date discourse thatpromotes the theoretical notion of responsible land administration. The book highlights real cases, provides real data, and introduces novel alternatives to conventional methodologies in land administration. Using the information in this book, you can develop a coherent theoretical foundation for further research in this area.


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