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Land Portal: Thirty-five New Country Portfolios Feature Breadth of Land Governance Challenges

The Land Portal Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of thirty-five new country portfolios as part of the Country Insights Initiative, which seeks to expand knowledge about how countries govern their land, the challenges they face, and the innovative solutions they find to manage land tenure issues.

Each country portfolio features a detailed narrative written by Land Portal Foundation researchers and peer-reviewed by leading land experts around the world. Narratives delve into the history of land governance in the country, land laws and legislation, land tenure classifications, land investments and acquisitions, women’s land rights, urban tenure issues, community land rights, relationship with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure (VGGT), and suggestions for further reading. Moreover, the narratives also include a timeline of major developments in land governance over the country’s history.

Portfolios provide access to key socioeconomic and land-related indicators, such as land area, the total population, percentage of women owning land, and perceived tenure security, among other indicators. Readers also get an overview of the latest news, blogs, publications, as well as organizations and development projects acting on land issues in that country. All portfolios are being translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese, and some will also be translated into Arabic.

“By combining detailed narratives highlighting the history and current status of land governance  with relevant data and related news and information, we hope to contribute to positive change in addressing continuing challenges,” said Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal Team Leader. “Our stakeholders have indicated that country portfolios are their number one destination on the Land Portal, and these new portfolios respond to this demand.”

Romy Sato, Coordinator of the Land Portal Foundation’s Network of Researchers, said “We have been working for more than a year on this initiative, and the role of peer-reviewers – our partners – has been fundamental. They enriched the profiles with their local experience and profound knowledge of the land institutions and stakeholders in the countries.”

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