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Land Governance and the COVID-19 Pandemic

As LANDac we are highly concerned about the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the land rights of poor people and insist on the importance of sustainable and inclusive land governance. While it is still early to assess the full extent of the impacts of the crisis, you can find some early observations by our partners and network below.

The Golden Conflict in Sudan

In this blog series, Salaheldin Abukashawa, LANDac fellow and director of the ISTIDAMA centre for Land and the Environment, Sudan, explores the impact land-based investments in gold mining on land governance – the Golden Conflict.

Professional Learning Network Blog Series

The LANDac fellows from the Professional Learning Network share their experiences in this newly launched blog series. While working at NGOs, governmental agencies, universities or businesses, the LANDac fellows (based in different African countries) exchange experiences and best practices. Furthermore, they bring stakeholders together in the field to identify ways to make land-based investments – whether in agriculture, infrastructure, nature conservation or natural resource extraction – more inclusive and sustainable.

Guatemala Blog Series

In this blog series, Jur Schuurman tells the story of Guatemalan land issues from many perspectives: land ownership and tenure, urban and rural land use, the (non-) governmental institutional setting, connections to international platforms. Jur zooms in on regional and recent developments, conflicts over land, and the role of agricultural organisations.

Read the full blog series here.

Voices from the Field

In this blog series, professionals and graduate students working on land governance issues share their field work experiences. Blog posts include topics such as community land trusts in Kenya, nature conservation in Costa Rica and pressing problems and new solutions for land management in Ghana.

Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security

In this blog series, Gemma Betsema shares her stories in the field. LANDac and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, together with CIFOR and Shared Value Foundaton organised Learning Platforms on Food Security in Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique.

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