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LANDac | Call for papers: LANDac Special Issue in Land


Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit your paper for open access publication in this Special Issue of Land, “Land Governance and (Im)mobility: Exploring the Nexus between Land Acquisition, Displacement and Migration”. This Special Issue takes the land–mobility nexus as a starting point and focuses on the multiple ways in which access and rights to land relate to mobility processes.

This Special Issue emerges from contributions of the LANDac Annual International Conference that takes place 28–29 June, 2018, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You are invited to submit an abstract by 15 September 2018 and full-paper manuscripts by 15 January 2019 to Land. Contributions may address the Special Issue topic from different angles and focus on:

  • Infrastructure development and involuntary settlement
  • Land reforms and conflict-induced displacement
  • Gender differentials, specifically women’s and youth’s role in migration and resettlement processes
  • Strategies of inclusive governance and inclusive business in the context of displacement induced migration (including, but also going beyond fair compensation, informed consent)
  • The role of digital and data technologies in monitoring and governing displacement induced mobility.

Prof. Dr. Annelies Zoomers
Dr. Marthe Derkzen
Dr. Christine Richter
Guest Editors

Download the Land special issue flyer – Land Governance and (Im)mobility

For more information and submission guidelines please check the Special Issue website: