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LANDac | Summary report WB Conference Reflection Meeting 2018

On April 12, 2018, LANDac organised a meeting for Dutch actors working on land governance to reflect on the World Bank’s Land and Poverty Conference 2018, that took place in Washington D.C. from March 19 – 23. The meeting brought together individuals who attended the WB Conference in Washington and those who did not attend but do have an interest in what was discussed.

The reflection meeting was an opportunity to share impressions and experiences and reflect on the role and agenda of the Dutch community working on land governance. This report shares some of the main experiences, reflections and discussions that were brought to the table. Major topics were: fit-for-purpose land administration, Blockchain, and power and politics at the WB Conference.


Download the WB Reflection Meeting summary report here!


Participants in the WB Conference Reflection Meeting 2018: ACTIAM, ActionAid Netherlands, Deltares, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, eLEAF, IHS Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, ITC Twente University, Kadaster International, Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Oxfam Novib, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Wageningen University & Research, ZOA International.