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LANDdialogue | Pilot Brazil-Netherlands on LAND

LANDdialogue will start a pilot on a new way of working to find alternative and innovative solutions to accurate land related issues or dilemma’s, or to potential opportunities, since…

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.”

The pilot is a Dutch-Brazilian case effort, and will start at the end of August.

Please note this is a very different approach from a tender-procedure; we will run innovative ideas that are fit-for-purpose, through a process to see whether they also have enough support and power to be actually implemented. Then, they will be tested on viability and impact, and we will assist in seeking alternative ways of financing the idea.

The current lock-down, and freezing of a lot of business activities in Brazil, is not necessarily contributing to obtaining the best results to deal with the challenging Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE)-factors in place and a diversity of actors at all levels.

The pilot-approach will be launched soon… Please send an email to; process facilitator LANDdialogue. Notify your interest, and if possible, please also  indicate your area of expertise, your interest, and possibly whether you have alternative and innovative ideas that are specific-specific to challenging circumstances in Brazil.

This pilot is supposed to generate a new energy. To create creativity. And to alternate a different way of thinking, learning and working together. Hope to meet and greet you soon, Alke