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NWO-SRoL | New applied call on legitimate stability launched

Today, NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development, together with the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, launched the sixth call for applied proposals of the Security and Rule of Law research program at the Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development. The theme of this call is ’The political dilemma of legitimate stability’. Preliminary proposals must be submitted by 5 June.

This sixth call for proposals of the Applied Research Fund focuses on how Security & Rule of Law policies and/or programs can strengthen legitimate stability in fragile and conflict-affected settings and how they can contribute to sustainable peace and development. To do so, applicants to this call are asked to develop evidence-based insights on how policies and/or programs focusing on human security, rule of law and/or political governance can become more sensitive to, or stimulate, legitimate stability. Moreover, applicants are asked to facilitate the uptake of these insights in policies and programs. Proposals must be driven by local or international demands from practitioners (including policy makers) and align with international agendas.

The selection procedure consists of preliminary and full proposals. The deadline for preliminary proposals is Tuesday 5 June, the deadline for full proposals is Tuesday 7 August. Consortia composed of at least one practitioner organisation and one research organisation, able to demonstrate a prior history of successful collaboration, are invited to submit project proposals that incorporate research and knowledge sharing activities and actively involve users of the knowledge in these activities. Research projects will have a duration of six to nine months and have to be finished before 1 September 2019. Consortia may apply for basic projects (from 100,000 to 150,000 euros) or extended projects (from 150,000 to 225,000 euros).

Security and rule of law

The Security & Rule of Law Applied Research Fund (ARF) is a subsidy scheme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. It is created to underpin the Ministry’s Security & Rule of Law policy by developing evidence-based insights and stimulating the use of these insights to solve practical problems for policies and programs in an effort to achieve sustainable peace and development. The ARF is implemented by NWO- WOTRO Science for Global Development. The themes of the ARF calls are developed by the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law.

About NWO-SRoL

The Security & Rule of Law (SRoL) research programme was developed by the Knowledge Platform and NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development to promote research that contributes to the SRoL knowledge base. NWO-WOTRO manages the calls for proposals and granted projects. This call is developed for the Security and Rule of Law (SRoL) Applied Research Fund (ARF) of the NWO-SRoL research program. NWO-SRoL aims to contribute to enhancing the knowledge-base of security and rule of law policies and intervention programs in fragile and conflict-affected settings, in order to improve their effectiveness. The ARF specifically focuses on strengthening policy and implementation in the fields of security and rule of law. Five calls for proposals have already been launched under this fund, with fifty projects funded in total.

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