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Call for papers & Participation: “Beyond Land Grabbing” seminar Roskilde, Denmark

Roskilde University is hosting a seminar on “Beyond landgrabbing: New perspectives on large-scale land acquisitions in Africa and South-East Asia on May 20, 2014.
The aim of this workshop is to explore the theoretical and methodological implications of large-scale land acquisitions. What are the trends and specific mechanisms through which land acquisitions or land grabbing occur? What are the drivers and motivations behind the current wave of large-scale land acquisitions by transnational corporations, financial institutions, and states? Who are the key actors (private individuals, transnational corporations, states and financial institutions, NGOs)? What role do profit, environmental protection, and resource security play? Finally, little is known about the economic and political conditions that lead especially emerging economies and newly industrialized countries (NICs) to enter directly into large scale land acquisition overseas. . .Researchers, PhD students and advanced Master’s students from Roskilde and other research institutions are invited to participate and will be able to present discussion papers, thesis chapters and research project proposals on the topics of the workshop. Possibilities of joint publications will be explored.

More information available here.