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TUM | MSc in Land Management and Geospatial Science

Newly launched MSc programme in Land Management and Geospatial Science at TUM (Germany)

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is pleased to present the recently established Masters programme Master of Science in Land Management and Geospatial Science.

In both industrialized and developing countries, there is a high demand for policies, tools and instruments in order to cope with the increasing globalization, climate change and migration patterns, as well as with the cross-border nature of many land-related problems. This degree program aims to train responsible professionals who will have expertise beyond borders when managing the built environment, developing infrastructures and using natural and human resources, and develop creative and innovative solutions.

Land Management and Geospatial Science (LMGS) are two inter-connected scientific domains. The connection is relevant to solve specific societal challenges, such as land and property registration, management of rights and restrictions in land, water and environment.

Read more about the programme on the TUM website!