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Studentship opportunity: PhD scholarship on The Housing ‘Trilemma’: Geographies of Precarity in Rural Scotland

Deadline for applications: 31st March 2021

This PhD studentship seeks to understand how precarity is produced, experienced and resisted in relation to housing in rural Scotland, in order to develop a novel ‘housing trilemma’ approach. Discussions of precarity might include, for instance, ideas surrounding housing security, affordability, quality and access, but also broader relations with income (in)security, work, migration and social dimensions such as family connections.
The new ‘housing trilemma’ will explore the relative importance of different dimensions of precarity, contributing to contemporary debates in Geography and Housing Studies. It will also be used to identify tensions and trade-offs informing future government policy concerning rural and island housing in Scotland. There will therefore be conceptual and policy outcomes gained from the studentship, which although focused on Scotland, will have relevance for many countries where housing in rural areas is under pressure.

Information on the project, eligibility and how to apply on GradHub is available on the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science webpage.

For more information, visit the website here.