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GLTN | Call for Proposals: “Conflict in the context of large scale land acquisitions”

Through the Land and Conflict Coalition, the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) invites organizations and institutions to submit Expressions of Interest in undertaking a study on  Conflict in the context of large scale land acquisitions.

The primary objective of the Study is to analyze how land based investments contribute to conflict, violent conflict and social destabilization in selected countries and provide recommendations on how to prevent, mitigate and address such risks in the short, medium and long term.

The study is central to the ongoing work of the Land and Conflict Coalition, established in November 2015 with funding support from the Swiss Development Cooperation, to address the various articulations of the land and conflict challenges across the conflict cycle: from prevention, to humanitarian response and development; through coordinated efforts between the UN system and non-UN actors (see Annex 2 in the Terms of Reference).

This call is limited to Organizations and Institutions only. Each must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Must be registered as non-profit organization (Certificate must be provided);
  2. Have published research in comparable fields of expertise (Publications’ list should be annexed to the submission);
  3. Have activities in the relevant thematic areas; and
  4. Be able to produce narrative and financial reports of their activities for the past two years.

Submissions Process:

Your Expression of Interest submission should include the following:

  1. portfolio of the organization that includes a description of the overall experience of the organization in carrying out research in comparable fields (max 4 pages);
  2. proposal on how to carry out the Study, including: (1) Proposed structure of the Study (e.g. Annotated Table of Contents; (2) methodology to be used (e.g. desk reviews, consultations, field work, etc.); (3) Work plan, including time-frame, budget and in-kind contributions to be made by the submitting organization (e.g. contribution in terms of staff time, equipment and logistical support; internal review of the Study; etc.); and (4) Any other information considered relevant. The proposal should not exceed 6-10 pages.
  3. The CVs of the person(s) to lead the Study

Expression of Interest must be delivered in electronic format no later than 6th March 2017 to Ombretta Tempra at

The detailed terms of reference are available below.

Download the Terms of Reference