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LANDdialogue: Liberia – More than 1.3 Million Hectares now under Community Ownership and Control

March 5, 2021 – Gerald C. Koinyeneh in Front Page Africa Monrovia – Local communities across Liberia seem to be taking advantage of the new Land Rights Law to reclaim their ancestral land. With more than 1.3 million… Read More

LANDdialoog organiseert kennissessie landrechten IMVO-convenant sierteelt

Op 28 oktober organiseerde de LANDdialoog een kennissessie voor de Convenantpartijen in de Sierteelt. Landrechten en landgebruik is een van de 7 prioritaire thema’s binnen het IMVO-Convenant Sierteelt Er waren een drietal sessies, waarbij landrechten en landgebruik… Read More

LANDdialogue | Pilot Brazil-Netherlands on LAND

LANDdialogue will start a pilot on a new way of working to find alternative and innovative solutions to accurate land related issues or dilemma’s, or to potential opportunities, since… If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll… Read More

Brief aan leden LANDdialoog COVID-19

In Dutch Het Organiserend Comité van de LANDdialoog heeft op 15 mei een brief verstuurd aan haar leden. Hierin geeft zij haar advies over een vijftal punten rondom landrechten gedurende en na de COVID-19 pandemie.  Deze adviezen zijn… Read More

LANDdialogue | APG Reference Guide for Risk Assessment in relation to LAND – document and webinar

In the context of the LANDdialogue, APG initiated a LGD_Reference Guide 2017. The guide provides a useful tool that can help investors identify and monitor ESG risks, and gives an overview of available information on general land-related topics… Read More

LANDdialogue | FPIC workshops at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To deepen the knowledge on FPIC amongst public, civic, private and academic stakeholders in The Netherlands and to promote better insight in the background, value and importance of FPIC, The Organising Committee of the Land Governance Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue… Read More

LANDdialogue | Publication: Strengthening land rights for women – inspiring examples of interventions supported by the Netherlands

As part of the Land Governance – Multi-stakeholder Dialogue (LG-MSD), organised by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a booklet was published which highlights inspiring examples of interventions for strengthening land rights for women. The booklet presents cases… Read More

LANDdialogue | Rabobank statement on land rights

The Dutch bank Rabobank has published a statement on land rights. The statement refers to the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security, as well… Read More

LANDdialogue | Start of the new Land Governance Multi-stakeholder Dialogue

Yesterday, 26th of August, Minister Ploumen chaired a first meeting of the Land Governance Multi-stakeholder Dialogue in the Hague. The meeting signaled the start of the new dialogue between financial institutions, pension funds, big companies, NGOs, knowledge institutes… Read More