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Both ENDS | Reference Guide on Infrastructure Set Against Land Governance

The past years have seen a surge in large infrastructure projects, including dams, mines, highways, airports, ports, land reclamation, canals and urban renewal projects. The land assigned to these projects is often inhabited and used for agricultural purposes. Therefore, land governance issues play an important role in these infrastructure projects.

Worldwide some 15 million people are displaced annually through infrastructure projects, a number which is expected to rise as investments in infrastructure are increasing.

Both ENDS, together with our local partners, aims to prevent land rights violations in infrastructure projects. Knowledge on infrastructure and land governance falls short in many cases so in order to learn from other cases and understand how international frameworks and guidelines try to protect land rights, Both ENDS has set up this reference guide: a list of must-reads on land governance and infrastructure. We hope that it will help both civil society organisations on the one hand, and investors, companies and governments on the other hand, to increase their understanding of local land governance issues that may arise in infrastructure projects.

You can access the guide, and more information, at: