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Online Encounter 2020

LANDac Online Encounter 2020

29 June – 3 July 2020
Every day between 2:00 and 4:30 PM, CEST


elcome to the LANDac Online Encounter 2020! LANDac – the Netherlands Academy on Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development – brings together researchers, policy makers, development practitioners and business professionals in the field of land governance and development. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, LANDac wished to bring the global land governance community together to take stock of research, policy and practice from around the world, as well as to reflect on the current COVID-19 crisis, as alarming observations are coming in about the loss of livelihoods and deepening poverty, government crackdowns on civil society, the suspension of land administration services and irregular land acquisition. What are the immediate effects of the pandemic, and how might it change the future work and priorities of the land governance community?

Over the course of 5 days, between 29 June and 3 July (2PM – 4.30 PM CEST), LANDac hosted a vibrant programme, including two key note contributions, three webinars, various parallel sessions and opportunities for online networking and exchange. Before, during and after the online programme, could join us at this online platform, where you can still find the published blogs, interviews and short videos from colleagues in the LANDac network. 

The 2020 Conference report is now available!

Live Programme

Over the course of 5 days, between the 29th of June and the 3rd of July, LANDac hosted a live, online programme between 2PM – 4.30 PM, CEST.

Last updated: June 25th 2020


Day 1 – Opening Session and Key Notes

Day 2 – Multifaceted Challenges of Land and Climate Change

Day 3 – Covid-19 Crisis and Land Governance & Parallel Session

Parallel Session – Monitoring, Managing and Protecting the Integrity of Land Governance Systems, Land Registration and Land Claims from Climate Change Effects Using Blockchain Technology, Power of Chain Consultancy (PoC) LLC

Day 3 – Parallel Session

Parallel Session – Mitigation of GHG-Emissions through Effective Peatland Management – German AgriForest Privatisation Agency

Day 3 – Parallel Session

Parallel Session – Towards new realities: Monitoring land-based investments before, during and after COVID-19

Day 4 – The Nexus Between Urban Land Governance and Climate Adaptation and Parallel Session

Parallel Session – Redirecting investments: Exploring and changing food communication regimes to create recognition for farmer-led irrigation development & urban agriculture in Africa’s expanding cities

Day 4 – Parallel Session

Parallel Session – Why feelings matter when it comes to measuring tenure security – Prindex

Day 5 – Closing panel and discussion

Blogs Online Encounter 2020

Would you like to deep dive into a specific issue? Take a look at several contributions from the LANDac and Land Portal community to the LANDac Online Encounter!

Land Governance in Ethiopia in the Time of COVID-19
By Dr Ziade Hailu, 26 June 2020

Land Use Change, Zoonoses and the Future
By Jeet Singh, 29 June 2020

Land-use Planning Implementation Uncertainty in Bamako District
By Dr Founémakan Sissoko, 1 July 2020

Informality of land and labour poise to expand COVID toll: Securing land tenure, also critical to secure nutrition
By Pranab Choudhury, Basanta Kumar Kar, Arabinda Kumar Padhee, 1 July 2020

Building Back Better: Responding to COVID-19 with Land Information Digitization and Sharing
By Laura Meggiolaro, 3 July 2020

Housing and Land Rights in Kenya
By Daniel Manyasi, 3 July 2020

Voices of the LANDac Community

We would like to meet you! Join us at one of our virtual networking opportunities, or add your voice to the ‘Voices from the LANDac Community’!

Media Partnership The Land Portal Foundation

LANDac is pleased to have the Land Portal Foundation as key media and organising partner in the LANDac Online Encounter 2020.

Land Portal News Bulletins – LANDac Online Encounter 2020

Organising Committee 2020

Joanny Bélair (University of Ottawa), Gemma van der Haar (Wageningen University), Lotte van der Heijden (LANDac), Laura Meggiolaro (Land Portal Foundation), Richard Sliuzas (ITC – University of Twente), Neil Sorensen (Land Portal Foundation), Marja Spierenburg (Leiden University), Guus van Westen (Utrecht University), Chantal Wieckardt (LANDac).