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Sugar rush and land rights

As part of its ‘Behind the Brands’ campaign, Oxfam today published a new report about the sugar rush and how it is driving large-scale land acquisitions and land conflicts. Sugar, as a land-intensive crop, is one of the… Read More

New article: land conversion for urban development in Vietnam

A new article on urbanization and land conversion by LANDac-related PhD researcher Nguyen Quang Phuc (Hue University Vietnam / IDS UU) and LANDac (co)chairs Guus van Westen and Annelies Zoomers just appeared online in Habitat International journal. The… Read More

LANDac PhD research disseminated in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Local workshops on residential tourism and its implications for development Though often gone unnoticed in the debate on large-scale land acquisitions, tourism and in particular residential tourism* can be important causes of land alienation. LANDac PhD graduate Femke… Read More

Current short-term research of LANDac

Farmers’ organizations and land policies LANDac partner Agriterra, in cooperation with the East African Farmers Federation (EAFF), has set up a short-term research project on the role of farmers’ organizations in policymaking on land governance in Uganda. The… Read More

Conference report “The Global Land Rush – What’s real & what are the myths?” (24 March 2011)

Reports about land acquisitions in developing countries – often labeled as land grabbing – are on the rise. The number of land-related conflicts seems to be growing, leading to concerns about increasing land inequality in societies were many… Read More

Conference Report “Climate-Smart Development in the South” (5 Nov 2010)

How to align ‘climate proofing’ and growing land pressures with poverty reduction strategies? On November 5, 2010, International Development Studies (IDS) of Utrecht University organised its 7th annual “knowledge for development conference” for experts and students in development… Read More