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PLN Research publications & video

Our Professional Learning Network has been working in groups researching different topics related to land governance and inclusive investments. The groups consisted out of 3-4 people from different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is where the research activities… Read More

Publications from our Professional Learning Network

We are happy to announce the publication of two policy briefs from our Professional Learning Network! These two briefs are situated in Uganda. ‘Planning the city from the bottom up: The case of Kibugambata community in Jinja City… Read More

IGAD endorsed Regional Women’s Land Rights Agenda

On 28 July 2021, the Ministers responsible for Lands and the Ministers responsible for Gender/Women Affairs from the IGAD Member States made history, when they as a Regional Economic Community put closing of the gender gap on land… Read More

African Youth Engagement in Land Governance

On the sidelines of the land inequality report launch, ILC co-organised the Youth and Land Conference 2020. In this blogpost, Gerdien Archterberg, ILC Africa research intern, shares her experience of speaking to a wide range of stakeholders on… Read More

IGAD Women’s Land Rights Conference

28th – 30th June 2021 Even though women are the primary users of agricultural land in most African communities, the system of patriarchy which dominates social organization has tended to discriminate against women when it comes to ownership… Read More

Blog post: What role do local governance frameworks play in strengthening women’s voices in land governance?

Across East and West Africa, IIED and partners have been developing and testing approaches to strengthen women’s voices in local land governance. Philippine Sutz reflects on the role and impact of local governance frameworks as these approaches are… Read More

Arab Land Initiative: Women and Land

Women’s housing, land and property rights are catalyst to ensure the social and economic development of communities and increase food security. They contribute to the realisation and enjoyment of a broad range of human rights such as the… Read More

LANDac Discussion Starter UN FSS: “Centering Women’s Land Rights for Equitable Food Systems Transformation”

Centering Women’s Land Rights for Equitable Food Systems Transformation: A discussion starter on UN FSS Action Track 1: Safe and nutritious food for all As part of the Decade of Action, the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021… Read More

OPINION: Why are tribal women in India still robbed of their land rights?

Shipra Deo is Landesa’s director of women’s land rights in India, explores in this opinion piece in Thomson Reuters why tribal women in India are robbed of their land rights. When it comes to land ownership, India’s culture… Read More

Blog | Ensuring women’s participation in land governance: “bringing the law home” in Tanzania

Despite Tanzania’s progressive legal framework on land rights and governance, many women are often left out of community decision-making due to social and cultural norms that persist in some areas of the country. In this guest blog at… Read More