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ITC and EU | Innovative Geospatial Tools for Mapping Land Rights in East Africa Faster, Easier and Cheaper

In sub-Saharan Africa, it’s an ongoing challenge to map millions of unrecognised land rights. An EU initiative delivered land mapping tools that respond to the need to rapidly map millions of land rights.

Project partners developed an innovative suite of land tenure recording tools based on geoinformation technologies that respond to the needs of end users, such as local communities, SMEs, non governmental organisations and government. The tools reinforce an existing strategic collaboration between the EU and East Africa. The partners performed data collection, piloting and demonstration activities at rural communities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda.

The tools and accompanying models improve land tenure mapping by providing faster and less costly land rights recording in East African countries. They enable local communities and governments alike to adjudicate, demarcate, survey and record land tenure information that for too long was unavailable or concealed.

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