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Oil and gas investments Northern Mozambique

Infobrief published on 14 March 2019: Oil and gas investments in Palma District, Mozambique – Findings from a local context analysis

In 2018, the OC of the LANDdialogue commissioned a research to carry out bottom-up fact finding by mapping the socio-economic context of local communities in Cabo Delgado and around the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) investments in the area. From February 2018 to April 2018, SVF conducted research among 107 households in 4 different communities in the new LNG-investment area; in addition, 5 Focus Group Discussions were organised in different communities and neighbourhoods, and several local groups were joined during their daily routine. Next to community-level research, the team also spoke with 21 representatives from civil society organizations, research institutes, government and private sector who are involved in LNG-related activities.

The Infobrief now published presents the main findings from this research. It starts by introducing on-the-ground developments in four researched communities: Quitupo, Senga, Monjane and Maganja. Subsequently, the report elaborates on potential impacts of the LNG investments in the communities, based on an analysis of expectations. Impacts include increased land scarcity and pressure on natural resources; loss of (or reduced access to) main sources of livelihood; improved access to community services; gendered impacts; and potential conflict between communities and the companies. It also presents ways forward, focusing on adequate communication by the LNG project representatives, government officials and local communities; actions to ensure community-fitting compensation arrangements which strongly build on local needs; adequate community representation in consultations and discussions; and, finally, improved direct interaction and exchange between all stakeholders, to foster learning and closer monitoring of situations on the ground. The report ends by emphasizing that the situation in Cabo Delgado changes very fast and emerging security concerns are a major worry. For more up-to-date information about the developments in the region, the researchers advise readers to get in touch with organisations who are present on the ground in the area, or work with local partner organisations.

Picture: Romy Santpoort (Shared Value Foundation & LANDac)