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International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreements

Land governance issues in International Responsible Business (IRBC) Agreements

Within the framework of the Netherlands Social and Economic Council (SER), representatives of different stakeholder groups work together to prepare a series of sectoral agreements on reponsible business conduct in an international context. Several sectoral agreements have resulted from this process, and others are being negotiated.

Addressing land governance in internationale responsible business conduct agreements

A report (February 2018) prepared by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), looks at thirteen economic sectors which were at the time of commission of the study priority sectors for international responsible business conduct agreements. This report can be downloaded here.

A second report (February 2018) prepared by Profundo looks at land governance in the Dutch Banking sector agreement on international responsible business conduct regarding human rights. This report is now available for download here.

Picture: Shared Value Foundation