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IHS | Public lecture: Post COVID-19 Land Development: an opportunity for more sustainable practices?
14th May 2020 00:00
15th May 2020 00:00
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On 14 May 2020, Paul Rabé, Senior Expert in Urban Land Governance at IHS, will give an online public lecture on the topic of "Post covid-19 land development: an opportunity for more sustainable practices?". Read below for further information. 

Over the past few decades, cities have made gradual progress towards meeting sustainability goals, spurred on by increased citizen pressure in many countries calling for climate change measures. When it comes to land development, which is one of the main drivers of risk and vulnerability to climate change, progress has been less clear. Land and water resources in peri-urban and urbanizing areas continue to be put under enormous pressure from unsustainable practices such as wholesale clearance for development, land/water grabbing, and environmental degradation. Will the covid-19 pandemic finally act as a wake-up call and direct the attention of policymakers and citizens all over the world to how we are treating our most basic earthly resources - our land and water?

In this session we will focus on the practices and consequences of the massive destruction of nature and biodiversity as a result of our current modes of development. Current land development patterns - and the governance of this land development - contribute to the kinds of pandemics that we are now seeing as this destruction of nature is putting exotic wildlife in more direct contact with people than ever before. Can this be an opportunity for more sustainable practices post-covid-19? Or will we simply go back to business as usual when this is all over?

We will present some examples of bad and good land development practices and invite the audience to weigh in with their own evidence. At the end of the online presentation and debate, we will have a vote to see if we have more optimists or pessimists in the audience.

If you'd like to attend this public lecture, please sign up before 12 May here. A few days before the lecture, IHS will send all attendees more information on how to join the event.